Interior Design Styles can be so overwhelming and confusing. There is nothing cast in stone as far as Interiors is concerned. As the primary user of your Interior, you determine what works and doesn’t work for you. Interior design styles have since been recorded and classified across the centuries. Just like the story of evolutionContinue reading “INTERIOR DESIGN STYLES”

Interior Design Consultancy

Artsyteriors approach When you approach an Interior Designer for consultancy, this is what you should expect. Step 1: Get a brief from the client of what interior concern or challenge they are facing. How they have tried to solve them in the past and where they are with the problem. Step 2: Once the issueContinue reading “Interior Design Consultancy”

Residential Interiors -Project update

Happy New Year!I hope that you crossed over the new year well. We started working on the Interiors of this residence in May 2020, two months after Covid 19 made the headlines in Kenya. We needed to regroup as a team and find the best way to move forward as the client was all systemsContinue reading “Residential Interiors -Project update”