Styling your Interiors for Christmas

In my previous post, I highlighted the essential decorative items one needs to style their space. In case you missed the post, you can find it here. Now that we have what we need to decorate, it’s time to decorate for Christmas.

It’s good to be clear about how you want your space to look and feel. If you plan on hosting guests, you want to create a warm welcome in your home and make it cozy and comfortable so much that guests won’t want to leave.

When it comes to seasonal decor, you want to engage all the senses. The spaces to decorate most often are public spaces accessed by visitors, but if you desire to go the extra mile, you can decorate your bedroom as well.

Here are basic ways to kill the overwhelm and simplify your decor process as we have a few days left for Christmas.

Let there be light

Without lights, there’s no Christmas spark. Keep things simple by using candles to create the desired ambiance in a space. One can use stringed lights in a mason jar as well.

Plants and natural items

Garland, Christmas tree, pinecone, wreath, branch, and twigs are an excellent way of adding greenery to your space.

Color and Texture

You can set and create the mood you want with different colors. Check my previous post here highlighting the same.

Table linen, napkins, stockings, and Santa hats in different prints, pillow cushions add a bit of textural effect to the whole scheme of things.


So whether you are looking for essential oils, herbs, or scented candles, it is good to use a scent friendly to a majority and doesn’t cause allergies or irritation to your guests. Be it organic or store-bought, the choice is yours.

Ornaments and Accessories

These can adorn and create interest in many ways, use ornaments to create a focal point in your space: for example, a centerpiece can have a group of different ornaments. Things like bells, whistles make such lovely pieces in the home.

So what are you waiting for there are three days to Christmas? Let’s get cracking.

Remember, you don’t have to break your legs in the last-minute rush to get store-bought decor. Use what you have, get creative, and enjoy the decorating process.

I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


Published by Francisca.W.G

Hi, I’m Francisca W. Gicugu, Director at Artsyteriors. I’m a tiny space enthusiast, aspiring mosaic artist, Interior designer and manage Interior projects. I love to work with colour, and design minimalist organized spaces.

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