Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.

When I was a child, Christmas was one of the best holidays of the year.

It was a time when we were all on a school holiday break. We looked forward to Christmas because we would then spend time with the extended family members like my grandparents, cousins, and the village neighbors.

At the start of December, I remember my mother would buy a few craft items to decorate the house. Some of them would include bells, balloons, brightly colored paper, some shiny others matt. My elder siblings would then craft them into different shapes and sizes until they produced unique decor. I learned how to make decor through observation and a lot of practice. Once I proved I was up to the job, they passed it down Christmas decorating to me. Mum would later get us Christmas lights that we would later put on the Christmas tree.

My dad would go upcountry not too far from our city home and actually cut a live tree down and bring it home for us. Oh, how we cherished Christmas and all the effort that our parents made to fulfill our wishes.

On the Eve of Christmas, my sister and I would then prepare the cake batter. We would spend the better part of the evening and night baking cakes.

We had six cakes to bake in total. Two were for our home, the other two for my maternal grandmother, and the remaining two for our paternal grandmother.

It was ironic because of all the decorating we did in our home, as a family did not get to enjoy much of it. All this fuss, excitement, and enthusiasm would come to a screeching halt as soon as the holidays were over.

The long-awaited day came; we would travel upcountry and join the rest of our family members to celebrate with them. When we came back home, we would have to pull down the decorations immediately after New Year celebrations to prepare to go back to school. It was such a letdown moment but just had to comply with the rules of the home.

So those were our childhood memories of Christmas decorating. Slowly over the years, as we grew into teenage hood, the whole essence of Christmas decorating became a lost tradition. Our parents did their part in bringing home the spirit of Christmas but did we carry it on into adulthood?

Now that I am a parent, my children are still young; some of those childhood memories have become rekindled. I look forward to decorating this Christmas holiday.

Let me pause and ask, what is the true meaning of Christmas?

It has been a tough year due to the pandemic. We all feel the need to end the year well, if not better than it has been. How then can we do that?

Easter holiday passed us by while we were all cooped up indoors. We could not go to church or travel to other places. Going on holiday was out of the question. But now that the country is opened up partly allowing limited gatherings, one way to end the year better is by reliving childhood memories at home during this festive season. Consider Christmas decorating!

Wouldn’t you want to celebrate? What better way than to do Christmas home decor that creates a celebratory mood? The home decor would also, hopefully, remind us of the pertinent things in life. This year, I hope to remember what is essential and what should be a priority in my life and family as well. As I do Christmas decorating this year, I also plan to:

  1. Rest, relax, and breathe. Reviving the Christmas spirit through
  2. Enjoy our family company and give them my full attention.
  3. Honor my parents and grandparents with more than one visit over the year.

Over to you, what three to five things will you purpose to do during Christmas in 2020? Will decorating be one of them?


Published by Francisca.W.G

Hi, I’m Francisca W. Gicugu, Director at Artsyteriors. I’m a tiny space enthusiast, aspiring mosaic artist, Interior designer and manage Interior projects. I love to work with colour, and design minimalist organized spaces.


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